Northern Rare Earths to Build a Smart Operation and Control Platform

On October 24, 2023, Northern Rare Earth released a report stating that the company intends to invest no more than RMB 82,814,680,000 in the construction of an intelligent operation and control platform with its own funds, aiming to improve the company’s informationization level, comprehensively build and perfect the company’s digital and intelligent system and structure, accelerate digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading, enhance the company’s grouped synergistic operation and control capabilities, and improve the company’s operational efficiency and Industrial development foundation ability.

According to the announcement, the construction period of the intelligent operation and control platform project is about 24 months, and the construction content includes: optimizing and upgrading the system by combining the actual needs of the company’s in-use informatization system; and further supplementing and perfecting the content of informatization construction according to the actual needs of the company’s business. Among them, optimization and upgrading includes mobile unified management system upgrading, human resources information system phase II upgrading, production control information system phase II upgrading; the new aspects include the transformation of the unified control of the Internet export, the new supply chain management system, the new disciplinary inspection management system.

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