What Types of Carbide Sawtooth Grains are There?

The types of cemented carbide sawtooth grains can be divided according to different classification methods.

According to the use, they can be divided into woodworking sawtooth particles and metal sawtooth particles. Woodworking sawtooth particles are mainly used for woodworking cutting and processing, while metal sawtooth particles are mainly used for cutting and processing of metal materials.

According to the alloy composition, cemented carbide serrated grains can be divided into tungsten-cobalt type (YG type) and tungsten-titanium-cobalt type (YT type). Tungsten-cobalt type (YG type) has high toughness and is suitable for processing cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other materials; tungsten-titanium-cobalt type (YT type) has good impact resistance and wear resistance and is suitable for processing carbon steel, Alloy steel and other materials.

In addition, according to the production process, cemented carbide sawtooth grains can also be divided into two types: sintering and welding. Sintered carbide serrated grains are produced through powder metallurgy processes and have high strength and wear resistance; welded carbide serrated grains are made by welding a carbide tip to a steel matrix. Has good toughness and impact resistance.

In general, there are many types of carbide saw-tooth grains, and the appropriate type can be selected according to different needs and working environments.

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