What Is A Cold Runner System?

The cold runner system is a part of the injection mold, which refers to the plastic flow channel from the mold entrance to the product gate. Unlike the hot runner system, the plastic in the cold runner system relies on the injection pressure and its own heat to maintain the flow state in the runner. The runner is part of the molding material, but it is not part of the final product.

The cold runner system generally consists of a main channel, a branch channel and a cold material cavity. It is suitable for parts with simple structure and short material flow length. When designing a cold runner system, it is necessary to consider not only the filling effect, but also how to save material by shortening or reducing the runner. However, in practical applications, it is difficult to satisfy both requirements simultaneously.

In general, the cold runner system is a structure used to guide the flow of plastic in the injection mold. Its characteristic is that it relies on the injection pressure and the plastic’s own heat to maintain the flow state of the plastic in the runner.

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