What Are Applications of 90WMoNiFe High-Entropy Alloy in Mold Industry?

90WMoNiFe high-entropy alloy is widely used in the mold industry, mainly due to its unique physical and chemical properties. Here are some of the main application areas:

Die casting mold

90WMoNiFe high-entropy alloy is widely used in the field of die-casting molds due to its low expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity and good red hardness. These properties allow the alloy to withstand the high temperatures and pressures experienced during die casting while maintaining the accuracy and stability of the mold.

Hot forging mold

During the hot forging process, the mold needs to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. The high-temperature stability and high strength of tungsten-molybdenum-iron high-entropy alloy make it an ideal choice for hot forging dies. Especially in the field of hot stamping valves, this alloy can be used as an electric anvil block for valve stamping, significantly increasing the service life of the anvil block.

Hot riveting bearing materials

90WMoNiFe high-entropy alloy is also used as a hot riveting bearing material due to its good comprehensive high-temperature properties, such as 90WMoNiFe/93WNiFe, etc. These materials perform well under high temperature and heavy load conditions and meet the high material performance requirements of bearings.

In general, the application of 90WMoNiFe high-entropy alloy in the mold industry is mainly based on its high-temperature stability, high strength and good wear resistance. These characteristics make the alloy perform well in working environments with high temperatures, high pressures and heavy loads, making it the preferred material in mold manufacturing.

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