What Are Advantages of Carbide Indexable Inserts?

Carbide indexable inserts offer the following advantages:

  1. High cutting efficiency: The carbide indexable insert has multiple cutting edges, which can rotate with the rotation of the tool holder, maintaining good contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece, thereby improving cutting efficiency.
  2. High blade utilization: Carbide indexable blades can be reused, and the blades are very convenient to turn over and replace, thus improving blade utilization and reducing production costs.
  3. Long tool life: Carbide indexable inserts have a long tool life, which can reduce the number of tool changes and downtime, and improve production efficiency.
  4. Good stability: Carbide indexable inserts have a compact structure and high rigidity, and can withstand high cutting forces and impact forces, thus improving the stability of the machining process.
  5. Conducive to the realization of processing automation: Carbide indexable inserts can be easily installed in the tool magazine of the machining center, and the tool changing and cutting process are controlled through CNC programs, thereby realizing processing automation.

Therefore, indexable carbide inserts are widely used in various mechanical processing fields, especially the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials and the processing of parts requiring high efficiency and high precision.

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