What Are Unique Features of Carbide Indexable Inserts Compared to Other Inserts?

Carbide indexable inserts have the following unique features compared with other inserts:

  1. Indexable design: The carbide indexable insert is an indexable insert. The insert installed on the cutter body can be turned over and has multiple pre-processed cutting edges for use, thereby improving cutting efficiency and Tool life.
  2. High efficiency: Because the carbide indexable insert has multiple cutting edges, it can rotate with the rotation of the tool holder, maintaining good contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece, thereby improving cutting efficiency.
  3. High precision: The spatial position of the cutting edge of the carbide indexable insert is fixed relative to the tool body, which avoids the auxiliary time required for tool changing and tool setting adjustment, thus improving machining accuracy and production efficiency.
  4. Reusable: Carbide indexable inserts can be reused, and the turning and replacement of the inserts are very convenient, thus reducing production costs.
  5. Specialized production: The production of carbide indexable inserts has been highly specialized and standardized, which has promoted the development of cutter body manufacturing processes and cost reduction.

In short, the unique features of cemented carbide indexable inserts such as indexable design, high efficiency, high precision, reuse and specialized production have made them widely used in the field of machining, improving processing efficiency and reducing costs. cost and improve product quality.

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