What Is Difference Between Indexable Inserts and Solid Inserts?

The main differences between indexable inserts and solid inserts are reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Manufacturing and replacement costs: Indexable inserts are installed on the cutter body by pre-processed polygonal inserts. When a cutting edge is dulled, you only need to loosen the clamping mechanism of the insert and index or replace the insert. Continued use so replacement costs are relatively low. Integral blades are relatively expensive to manufacture and replace because they require an integral grinding and grinding process.
  2. Cutting efficiency: Solid inserts usually have one solid cutting edge, and can only use one cutting surface for cutting at a time, so the efficiency is relatively low. The indexable insert has multiple pre-processed cutting edges that can rotate with the rotation of the tool holder, maintaining good contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece, thereby improving cutting efficiency.
  3. The blade is reusable: The cutting edge of the indexable blade can be reused by simply flipping or replacing the blade, thus reducing production costs. Once the entire blade is worn or damaged, the entire blade needs to be replaced, which is relatively expensive.
  4. Cutting accuracy: Since the cutting edge position of the indexable insert is fixed relative to the cutter body, the consistency of the cutting parameters can be maintained during the machining process, which is beneficial to improving cutting accuracy. The overall blade needs to be reground and ground when replaced, which may affect the cutting accuracy.
  5. Adaptation range: Indexable inserts can be adapted to a variety of different cutting tasks and materials, because different insert materials and cutting parameters can be selected according to needs. Solid inserts, on the other hand, may be more suitable for certain cutting tasks and materials due to their integral manufacturing characteristics.

To sum up, indexable inserts and solid inserts each have their own characteristics and scope of use, and they need to be selected according to specific application scenarios.

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