What Are Carbide Indexable Inserts?

Carbide indexable inserts are a kind of tool that combines the cutter body and the insert using a mechanical clamping method. During the manufacturing process, the blade is machined to a certain angle and size, coated with a wear-resistant, chip-resistant coating, then embedded in the cutter body, and finally fixed on the machining center through mechanical clamping.

Carbide indexable inserts have the advantages of short tool change time, high insert utilization, and long tool life. Since the blades can be reused, costs can be reduced. At the same time, this kind of tool has high cutting efficiency and good processing accuracy and stability.

Carbide indexable blades are mainly composed of carbide blades, tool holders (cutterheads), tool pads, springs, etc. Among them, cemented carbide blades are manufactured using powder metallurgy technology, by pressing metal powder together, then sintering and finishing.

In short, the carbide indexable insert is a tool that is combined using mechanical clamping, and has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, and economy.

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