What Is A Carbide Punch Needle?

Carbide punch pin is a punch accessory made of carbide material and used for stamping dies. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, etc., which can effectively improve the service life and production efficiency of stamping molds.

According to the manufacturing process and use, carbide punch pins can be divided into two types: standard punch pins and non-standard punch pins. Standard punch needles are produced according to certain specifications and standards and are suitable for various conventional stamping molds; non-standard punch needles are customized punch accessories based on specific production needs and are suitable for some special stamping applications. mold.

The manufacture of cemented carbide punch needles requires multiple processes and processes, including material selection, ingredients, mixing, pressing, sintering, etc. These processes require strict quality control and technical requirements to ensure their dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

During use, carbide punch needles need to undergo strict inspection and testing to ensure that they meet production requirements and safety standards. Especially during the stamping process, it is necessary to ensure that the strength and rigidity of the punch needle can withstand the stamping load, while avoiding mold damage or production accidents due to excessive wear.

In short, the carbide punch needle is a high-precision, highly wear-resistant, and highly corrosion-resistant punch accessory. It is widely used in various stamping molds and can effectively improve the life of the mold and production efficiency. At the same time, during the manufacturing and use processes, attention must be paid to its quality and safety in use to avoid problems such as production accidents and mold damage.

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