What Is Tungsten Carbide Punch?

Tungsten carbide punch is a punch accessory made of tungsten carbide material. It is used to install on the stamping mold to perform continuous punching and punching operations to separate or plastically deform the processed material, thereby obtaining the required Finished or semi-finished products.

Tungsten carbide punch has high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance. It is stronger and more durable than tungsten steel and high-speed steel, and can withstand more pressure and load. In addition, tungsten carbide punches also have high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can be used in high temperature and humid environments.

The relatively high cost of tungsten carbide punches makes it unsuitable for use in some situations. At the same time, tungsten carbide punches are also prone to breakage and wear, so they must be used with caution.

In the process of manufacturing tungsten carbide punches, multiple processes are required, including material selection, batching, mixing, pressing, sintering, etc. These processes require strict quality control and technical requirements to ensure their dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

In short, tungsten carbide punch is a punch accessory with high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance. Using tungsten carbide punch in stamping molds can improve production efficiency and mold life, and reduce production costs. At the same time, attention should be paid to its safety in use and to avoid production accidents and other issues.

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