What Are Performance Advantages and Disadvantages of 90WMoNiFe Alloy Cold Runner System?

The 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system exhibits unique properties in injection molds. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Advantages of 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system in injection molds:

High temperature stability

90WMoNiFe alloy can maintain stability in high-temperature environments and is not easy to soften or deform, ensuring the stability and durability of the mold during continuous high-temperature operation.

High wear resistance

The alloy has excellent wear resistance and can maintain a low wear rate even under high-speed, high-pressure injection molding conditions, extending the service life of the mold.

High corrosion resistance

90WMoNiFe alloy has excellent corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances. It can resist corrosive substances that may be encountered during the injection molding process and reduce the risk of mold damage.

Excellent thermal conductivity

Good thermal conductivity helps transfer heat quickly and evenly, keeping the temperature of the plastic in the mold stable, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency.

High strength and hardness

The high strength and hardness allow the alloy to withstand high pressure and impact forces during the injection molding process, maintaining the structural stability of the mold.

Disadvantages of 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system in injection molds:

high cost

90WMoNiFe alloy is a high-performance specialty material whose cost is usually higher than traditional cold runner materials, resulting in increased mold manufacturing costs.

Difficult to process

Due to the alloy’s high hardness and strength, the processing process may require higher-level machine tools and cutting tools, increasing processing difficulty and manufacturing costs.


The density of 90WMoNiFe alloy is relatively high, which increases the overall weight of the mold and may be detrimental to the installation, transportation and operation of the mold.

Application limitations

Despite its excellent properties, this alloy is not suitable for all injection molding applications. Especially where rapid heating or rapid cooling is required, ideal performance may not be provided.

Maintenance and replacement costs

Despite its high durability, 90WMoNiFe alloys may require maintenance and replacement after extended use, which can increase operating costs and downtime.

When selecting a 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system, its performance advantages and disadvantages as well as actual application requirements need to be comprehensively considered to ensure that the most suitable mold material is selected.

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