What Are Disadvantages of 90WMoNiFe Alloy Cold Runner System?

Although the 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system has many advantages, it also has some potential disadvantages. Here are some possible disadvantages:

high cost

90WMoNiFe alloy is a high-performance material that typically costs more than traditional cold runner materials. This can lead to a significant increase in the manufacturing cost of the mold, which in turn affects the cost of the final product.

Processing difficulty

Due to the high hardness and strength of 90WMoNiFe alloy, it is difficult to process. This may require higher-level processing equipment and more complex processing processes, thereby increasing manufacturing costs and time.

Weight and size restrictions

The density of 90WMoNiFe alloy is higher, which may increase the weight of the mold. In some applications, this may cause inconvenience in the installation, transportation and use of the mold. In addition, the alloy may also be somewhat limited in size and not suitable for all types of injection molds.

Thermal expansion coefficient

Although 90WMoNiFe alloy has a low thermal expansion coefficient, in some cases, its thermal expansion may still have an impact on the accuracy and stability of the mold. This may require additional considerations and adjustments during mold design and manufacturing.

Application limitations

Due to the special properties of 90WMoNiFe alloy, it may not be suitable for all types of injection molding applications. For example, in some applications where rapid heating or rapid cooling is required, the alloy may not provide the required properties.

These disadvantages of 90WMoNiFe alloys are not absolute and depend on application requirements and conditions. When selecting a 90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system, its advantages and disadvantages as well as actual application requirements should be comprehensively considered to make the most appropriate decision. In addition, as technology continues to advance and materials improve, these shortcomings may be mitigated or resolved to a certain extent.

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