What Are Characteristics of 90WMoNiFe Alloy Cold Runner System?

90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system has the following characteristics:

High temperature stability

90WMoNiFe alloy can maintain stability in high-temperature environments and is not easily deformed or damaged. This makes the alloy ideal for injection molding applications where high temperatures are required, ensuring long-term stable operation of the runner.

High wear resistance

The alloy has excellent wear resistance and is able to maintain minimal wear over extended periods of use. This helps extend the service life of the cold runner system and reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

High corrosion resistance

90WMoNiFe alloy has good corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances and can resist corrosive substances that may be generated during the injection molding process. This makes the alloy suitable for injection molding applications that handle corrosive plastics, protecting runners from damage.

Excellent thermal conductivity

The alloy has good thermal conductivity and can transfer heat quickly. This helps keep the temperature of the plastic in the flow channel stable during the injection molding process, improving product quality and molding efficiency.

High strength and hardness

90WMoNiFe alloy has high strength and hardness and can withstand the pressure and impact generated during the injection molding process. This ensures the structural stability of the runner system, reducing the risk of failure and damage.

Suitable for complex structures

Since the cold runner system of 90WMoNiFe alloy has high durability and stability, it is suitable for manufacturing injection molds with complex structures. The alloy is able to withstand the precise control and high stability requirements required for complex structures.

90WMoNiFe alloy cold runner system has the characteristics of high temperature stability, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, high strength and hardness. These characteristics make this alloy ideal for certain injection molding applications, providing long-term stable performance and extended mold life.

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